I am running for Justice of the Peace, Brazos County, Precinct 4. My passion to serve my family, friends and my community is what I live for and my values are carried out through hard work and an eagerness to serve others. Some may be curious as to why I want to run for office, and the answer is simple; I want to personally invest in my community through public service. 

I want an open court, accessible and approachable to all members of the community. It is important that we elect a JP willing to work with other Brazos County judges, as well as someone who is consistent with the ideals, fine amounts, and duties of the court. I am committed to being the principled team player Precinct 4 needs. Lastly, no matter your race, religion, ethnicity, occupation, or native language – you WILL be treated fairly and equally in my court. I am committed to being a judge for everyone in our community, not just a chosen few.

Not only does my life experiences qualify me to be a Justice of the Peace but my professional experience does too. I have managed million-dollar multifamily properties all over Bryan College Station. I have balanced 40+ million-dollar budgets and managed up to 30 staff members. I have the personal grit and professional experience to make the precinct 4 court something Brazos County can be proud of.

I am currently a Regional Supervisor for the 4th largest property management company in the continental US, Asset Living.

I attended Blinn College and Sam Houston State University. In September of 2012, I tragically lost my mother in a Domestic Violence situation, leaving me to be my sister’s legal guardian. In the wake of my mother’s death, I founded Angie’s Awareness Angels to raise awareness about domestic violence and to also raise funds for local women’s shelters. During Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, I am frequently called upon as a speaker for law enforcement officers and high school students discussing intimate partner violence. In addition to sharing my mother’s story, I discuss teen dating with students and advocacy for victims with officers.

My core has always been family first which is why I decided to leave college prior to graduation so I could provide for my younger sister Porsha. I am a proud father to my daughter Kenzlee who is in first grade at Bryan ISD.

As your Justice of the Peace, I promise to have compassion while using sound judgment and common sense on each and every case that comes before me. I commit to following the law, being practical, while applying common sense - knowing that I will make an impact on that person’s life. I also want to make the JP office accessible to the community and local law enforcement agencies. I will be available to Brazos County.

It is my absolute honor to run for this office and I vow to run with integrity as I represent the good people of Brazos County. I look forward to serving the constituents for Precinct 4 as your next Justice of the Peace!