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My Plan: Welcome

Passion – I have the drive, determination, and heartfelt desire to serve Brazos County as your next JP. I have a servant’s heart and my experience through community involvement is an example of that. My passion to serve will lead to my effectiveness as JP.

Effective – Part of being an effective leader at any level is knowing and understanding the job. Our court needs an effective JP who knows the roles and responsibility of a Brazos County Justice of the Peace. I am committed to doing the work of a JP and being an effective judge that can “stay in my lane.”

Accessible – I WILL be an accessible and approachable JP. I will be accessible 24/7 to my constituent, community, my staff, and law enforcement personnel. I will be a full time, accessible, approachable JP for our county.

Consistent – It is pertinent that we elect a JP willing to work with the other judges in our county. It is important to be consistent with ideals, fine amounts, duties of the court. I am committed to finding a level of consistency and being the real Team Player needed for our 4th JP Court.

Equal – Let's set aside labels and political parties (red or blue) and lets look at people for who they are. I am here to lift people up, hold them accountable but get them on a path to move their life forward.  No matter your race, religion, color of your skin, occupation, ethnicity – the language you speak, you WILL be treated fair and equal in my court. I am committed to honoring and respecting the rule of law and adhering to the rules set forth by the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct for all people in our community - not just a chosen few!

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